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I am Smriti Mishra. Currently trying to figure a lot of things out, and trying new things everyday! So I am here to share my experiences, skills and ideas!

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Why I work on Python?

The reasons I love working with Python are: – It is so easy to code on Python (and even learn). Comprehensively understanding  and learn basic Python syntax is very easy, as compared to other popular languages like C, C++, and Java.  However, mastering the packages, concepts and modules will take some time. – Python is as simple toContinue reading “Why I work on Python?”

Who was me?

Not that I think I have accomplished something, but I wanted to share how it all started for me. For me, and when I say me – I mean this ‘meh’ boring introvert who no one gave a fuck about. I always thought I was not even average, had zero confidence, had one hobby andContinue reading “Who was me?”

Reinforcement Learning

What is Reinforcement Learning? Case 1: Imagine student A, studying hard for the exam and they get good grades because of that. Case 2: Now imagine student B, spending time on YouTube watching PewDiePie trying to save Sven and failing as they did not study at all, of course. Throughout our lives, we have suchContinue reading “Reinforcement Learning”

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