This Little Girl is Me!

This little girl wanted to travel all around the world and make a difference. 

This little girl felt different growing up, and didn’t have many friends. However, she has always been fascinated with meeting interesting people, getting to know their stories and learning from them. 

She was a very curious kid, always a million questions running in her head. Could beat most people at a game of chess! 

She never really thought she could achieve much, bullied in school by some peers, she developed a very low self esteem which took years to overcome. 

But hey, she never gave up on things. 

She walked a completely different path, involved in the launch of the first all student satellite in India,  went to present a research paper during undergraduate, solo trip across Europe (from India) when 19 and then doing the final semester of undergraduate abroad studying computational neuroscience. 

Now she works on climate change, mental health and female representation in technology. 

This little girl is me. 

On this International Day of the Girl Child, a piece of advice I would have given myself and any other girls: 

Embrace your shortcomings and to learn from your mistakes; they make you who you are meant to be! Dream big, and trust yourself!

Inspire the next generation of girls by sharing your photo and your story, be part of the Inspiring Girls International campaign for the International Day of the Girl 2021. More info here:

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