‘Personality Flaws’ and our Mental Health?

Personality weaknesses or character flaws cause mental health problems. People with mental health problems can snap out of it if they try hard enough.  That’s what someone said to me. Do you think that’s true? Well, first off. Every one has some or the other personality flaw (when we look at it from other people’sContinue reading “‘Personality Flaws’ and our Mental Health?”

Burnout and the Neuroscience Behind.

Anxious. Obnoxious. Crippled. Helpless. Disillusioned. That’s how you feel when you are on your journey to burnout.  Burnout is a mental, emotional and physical state that leaves you mentally drained, demotivated and exhausted; and this occurs due to prolonged anxiety or stress. It can make you lose interest in what earlier motivated you and leaveContinue reading “Burnout and the Neuroscience Behind.”

Let’s talk about Mental Health

I recently joined as a Facilitator for Mental Wellness Society in Sweden, however, this is a cause close to my heart for years. Do you know most of the mental health issues occur because someone has gone through some horrifying trauma?  Why is there a stigma around mental health?  Aren’t we supporting the abuser byContinue reading “Let’s talk about Mental Health”