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I have been selected, among almost 400 nominees, as a finalist in this year’s Nordic Women in Tech Awards – in “Rising Star of the Year” category.

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NDSML Summit by Hyperight AB

During my talk during the NDSML Summit in the Data and ML Engineering track, I spoke about relationship between our minds and AI. I also discussed how AI can help reduce the stigma around mental health disparities as well as some case studies regarding the same.

Guest Speaker: KTH Royal Institute of Technology and The Swedish Institute network

Spoke about how technology (Green AI) in combination with finance and investment to create a meaningful social and green impact.

An expert in the Big Innovation Centre India along with many esteemed individuals, including Lord Tim Clement-Jones (Innovation Governor UK Parliament)

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Interview with Smriti Mishra, head of AI at Earthbanc by Female Techleaders Magazine 

Want to know my take on inclusion and diversity, and the challenges women face in the world technology? (And some tips that may help)

Here is the link to access my interview published by the Female Tech Leaders Community, which aims to increase inclusion of women in tech all over the world. 

Link to the interview: (Pages 29-34)

Keynote Speaker: Can you really grow inside your comfort zone? by Magenta Codes during the International Women Day Summit 2021

The talk was to inspire people to come out of their comfort zones and explore new opportunities and create new innovations. I also explained it using my personal journey and how I came out of my comfort zone (from being an extreme introvert) to being the Head of AI at Earthbanc! 

Link to watch :

In this event, hosted by Richard Foster-Fletcher, a panel of leading experts will examine what progress we are making to reduce or eliminate human biases from AI models and autonomous decision making and what still needs to happen in the industry to make AI fairer, more representative of the people it is intended to serve and more inclusive.

The panel includes: – Vibhav Mithal, IPR Lawyer at Anand & Anand (Panel Lead) – Lavina Ramkissoon, Conscious Creator and Board Member at – Aruna Pattam, Head, AI & Data Science – Asia Pacific & Middle East at HCL Technologies – Smriti Mishra, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Earthbanc

Link to watch on YouTube :

Speaker at Alternate Future Summit

I will be speaking about the role of artificial intelligence and technology in battling climate change at the Alternate Future Summit on 16th September. 

The summit aims to helps students make better career decisions through self-discovery, career oriented trainings and encourage conversations between corporate thought leaders and education visionaries. 

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Speaker at Wonderland AI

I will be speaking about the road to carbon neutrality using Artificial Intelligence.

The global AI community is gathering at Wonderland AI Summit 2021, and YOU are just one step closer to take your place in it. Are you in?

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Pie & AI by

I recently had an opportunity to be a guest speaker at a PIE & AI meet-up organised by DeepLearning.AI. Thank you Andrew Ng (Founder of DeepLearning.AI) for providing this glorious opportunity and also to HuíChí Man and Alice Lin.

Link to watch the event :

Role of AI: From Vaccine Development to Distribution : Speaker

1. Has Artificial Intelligence helped Medical Science to prosper & will it continue in the future?
2. How is the Human-Machine partnership working to overcome this Covid-19?
3. Is AI an enabler to help in preliminary diagnosis, drug discovery, vaccine development & even distribution? Analysing the situation, now are we willing to take chances that Artificial Intelligence will bring along with its contribution.

FruitPunch AI 

The relationship between consciousness and AI. 

An extremely intriguing topic, something that helps us understand the beautiful complexities of our mind using biologically plausible artificial neural networks. 

Want to learn more? Tune in to my talk on June 3 about it organised by FruitPunch AI

Link to register for AI Connect:

Interview : How AI can help understand our minds by Hyperight AB

I talk about how AI can help us understand our mysterious minds, how AI can be a benefactor and a beneficiary of neuroscience, and my take on the AI challenges and trends from a broader perspective.

Link to the interview:

Talk on 17th and 18th July at 18:00 hours IST, for this event at the IEEE chapter at Chandigarh University, India.  

July 17th I spoke about use case of AI in climate change (followed by Q&A). Link to watch :

July 18th I spoke about use case of AI in neuroscience and mental health (followed by Q&A). Link to watch :

Interviews with BOECK and XOXO

  1. Truly inspiring use case of AI for sustainability and good. Thanks for sharing insights into your work, Smriti Mishra, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Earthbanc. Link to watch :
  2. In this edition of “The Tech Leader Portrait” aka “The Oprah for Techies”, we learn more about Smriti’s journey into tech, how she deals with mental health, and what drives her. Link to watch :
  3. Goal of this talk format is to bring together tech leaders from different fields to discuss challenges in their field from a different perspective. Guests of session are Natalia Lyarskaya from ZestMoney and Smriti Mishra from Earthbanc. Host is Fabian Böck (BOECK & XOXO). Link to watch :

Technology for good : Speaker


* Sustainable urbanism with the help of 5G and mixed reality.

* Improving and tailoring counselling for children through Data Science algorithms & NLP.

* An mHealth app that will drastically impact a person’s ability to prevent and treat their cancer and chronic diseases on a daily basis.

* How AI can be used to fight the stigma surrounding mental health.

For more info:

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Hack the Mountains 2.0 : Hackathon Judge

Sudan’s Tech is rolling down the second installment of Hack the Mountain. This a 36 hour long virtual hackathon that could be the first step in a guided technical journey for some whereas a perfect practice and polishing platform for others. 

I am in judging panel/jury for this hackathon that with 3500+ registrations.

Berry Professionals : North Europe AI, Data Analytics Summit

Ever wondered about incorporating the SDGs into the banking sector using AI? That’s the topic I will speak about during the North Europe AI, Data Analytics Summit North Europe. 

I will talk about green finance and how AI could be incorporated into the banking sector in a sustainable, transparent and reliable manner. 

During the event we have over 200 senior participants, a lot of panel discussions, break out rooms, Q&A and a lot more. 

Dates: 10 to 11th June 2021

For more info:

Link to request the agenda:

Link to watch :

Organised and Hosted Earth Day event 2021 on behalf of Earthbanc

An the event organised by Earthbanc to discuss the global climate crisis and how tech and innovation can help battle the climate crisis, and also the underlying reason behind this issue. 

Our awesome speakers were: Tom DuncanAnn MolinDonnie SC Lygonis and Indu K Murthy!

Interview with Smriti Mishra, head of AI at Earthbanc by EXTEND

I talk about my mission to battle the climate crisis with Artificial Intelligence (AI). I had been using neural networks for research and applications in healthcare and mental health, in the industry, and as part of research at KTH. I also spoke about my work and research, ethics in AI, and how my growth mindset and attitude helped her to develop meaningful connections.

Link to the podcast:

Article : Building a Remote Onboarding Process with Smriti Mishra, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Earthbanc by Evolution Recruitment Solutions

We discussed ‘Building a remote onboarding process’ – a topic many of us have become familiar with over the last year.

Link to the article:

Podcast : Leveraging data for sustainable Development

Discussion around – Tech companies offer a variety of services and software for working with data. But how do YOU keep yourself and your business running in a sustainable manner?

Link to the discussion:

Podcast: How to maintain your Mental Well-being while assisting others to do the same by Evolution Recruitment Solutions

Had a great discussion around mental health and how to make sure we’re taking good care of it while working from home. It’s available on Spotify.

Link to the podcast:

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